Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jewelmint - Review

S and I just started to go through our financial planning - so, we can pay off loans. We're trying to do the Dave Ramsey Debt Free challenge.

So, back in October (29th to be exact), I purchased a pair of hoop earrings from Jewelmint.  And it's not very good either. The hooks seriously look like it's about to rust over. I only wore it once, and it irritated my ears and one of them kept falling off.

This month, S and I were going through statements, and saw a $29.99 charge from Jewelmint.
Apparently by purchasing ANY of their jewelry... you are automatically signed into their monthly membership, and if you don't want to pay, you need to 'personally' opt-out every month.

I looked through ALL my past emails to see if they ever told me about this membership when I purchased the earrings in October. NOPE. Couldn't find a single e-mail that said that I was automatically signed onto this $29.99/month membership.

So, they charged me Nov. 5 and Dec. 7. to earn one credit a month (which doesn't even total up to ONE jewelry per credit). No thanks.

The only two ways to cancel your membership is to e-mail their customer service and/or call their number.

I e-mailed them Sunday night, they said they canceled my membership, and said they will refund me. They never said they'll refund me for two months worth.  This is what I'm trying to do right now.

to be continued....

If you purchased anything from Jewelmint, check your statements. You may have been paying $29.99 a month for how ever long ago you purchased jewelry from them.

Update: (02/28/12) This is an overdue update. Jewelmint is very accommodating with refunding the monthly charges. I also realize that many blogs who has Jewelmint as a sponsor are now pointing out the monthly fees. I'm assuming that Jewelmint have been getting complaints about not letting people know about this monthly fee.

Either way, I do not sign up for anything that makes me pay a monthly fee for "credits"... especially for not so good quality items.  I want things to last, and I want them to be good quality. Not something that is going to make my ears all green.

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