Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthday Party Planning

D's birthday in early January. We're going to throw him a Robot party.

He absolutely LOVE robots, since 18 months. He watched Robot Rampage from Backyardigans at Steve's parents' house while I was on bedrest in the hospital... ever since then, he love robots.

Since his birthday is so close to the holidays, I've started to buy items for his party. I bought the Robot Party Cricut cartridge when it was on sale on Black Friday. I know I won't have time the weekend before his birthday... So, I've started to cut out the gears for the banner.

The colors will be mostly blue, red, and yellow. His two favorite colors are blue and red. It's also KU Jayhawk colors!  We never really pushed colors on him. He has a blue blanket that he loves, I think that's mainly the only blue item that he has. But ever since he started to play with blocks, he always played with the blue and red.

I bought some metallic color sheets... so, I might use that for letters... I haven't decided yet.

Hopefully after the holidays, I'll have more to post! 


In January this year, he has a construction birthday party!

Cookies and Cream cupcakes, cream cheese icing, crushed chocolate graham crackers, and toy tops from US Toys.

He wore that bib during his first birthday too, I wonder if he'll let me put it on him for his third birthday! :P


Update: Birthday invitations  (and Free Robot Invitation Printables)

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