Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Robot Invitation

Here is the invitations that I said I would make available for you for your Robot Party!
Here is D's Invitations

If you are going to have photo place print them, you will want to use this one - the size is 4x6.

If you want to print it out on cardstock, you will want to use this one - size is 4.25 x 5.5:

Double check with the place that you want to print at for the resolution requirements.
Walmart's 4x6 minimum image resolution is 540x360.
FYI: The resolution for the 4x6 is 682x1023 and 4.25x5.5 is 765x990

As for the font, I used Lucida Sans Typewriter (I also stretched it a little too). You can also find fonts on dafont, they have lots of unique and free fonts.

If you do not have photoshop,  you can bring it into Paint or Word.

If you are going to use Word, insert the image. Have the picture set to behind text.

Start typing. You may need to adjust the picture as you type everything in, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know how your invitations work out for you!

Here is how our Robot Party turned out!

If you found this tutorial helpful, please take the time to let me know by leaving me a comment. Your comments give me the encouragement to continue creating for you!

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