Monday, January 2, 2012

Robot Birthday Party Invitations

As you may know, we have been prepping for D's 3rd birthday party - Robot Theme.
I just finished the invitations over the boys' nap time yesterday.

I used the Robotz Cricut for the robot. It was my first time, I think it turned out pretty well. It did take 1.25 hours, a bit longer than I had expected. We scanned the robot, then I added the gears, text, and picture with Photoshop.
The invitation itself took about an hour.

I usually send these to 1 hour photo at Walmart (it's close to my work, so, I pick it up over lunch). I'm not too concerned with the quality since these are just invitations, and most people throw them away after either marking it on their calendar or the day after.

Here it is!

After the party, I'll put together all the pictures and links for you so it'd be easier for you to see it all.

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