Monday, January 9, 2012

Robot Party!

I don't have all the pictures, but this is what I currently have. I'm missing the main attraction's picture... I'll post that tonight! Scroll all the way down for Piino the Robot!

The night before was his actual birthday, we told him about his birthday party. D was so excited. He made a comment, "... and I'll have birthday cake after nap?"

The day of the party (which was yesterday), we couldn't get D to nap at all. He was hyper and just excited. Probably because he heard Grandpa and Grandma's voices downstairs.

We finally just brought him downstairs after over an hour of not napping.

Cupcakes were made (confetti cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting)
The cupcake wrappers were from Robot Party from Cricut. The toppers (2") were for the water bottle wrappers, we didn't like the cupcake toppers that they had, so, we improvised. The toppers are actually two sided. One side is the square robot, and the other side is the round robot. We cut a circle small enough that you can't see it outside of the gear outline.
The purple wrapper and topper (top right cupcake) was for our niece, I made sure I made her a purple one since purple is her favorite color :)

The gears on the banner were from the Robot Party (8"), and the letters were from Robotz (6").  You can see couple of the robots hanging out over there on the edge of the frame.

D helped me put these robots around the living room.

This one makes me giggle because it looks like the dinosaur robot is chasing after the other two.

I made a 'girly' robot, D calls her "Mommy Robot"

And these guys watched over the presents. :)

I think I'm going to put the 2D robots in a shadow box. I'll post pictures when that happens :)

Overall, the party was a success! Everyone had a great time! They loved the cupcakes (I'll post recipes sometime soon)! ... D loved the robots! That makes me happy!


Ed from church created this robot for vacation bible school. We asked if he still had it, and he was happy to put it together for us for D's birthday party!

His eyes glow, his heart beats (no sound, it just comes on and off), and his head moves too!

Here is a link to free printable ones for your parties!

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