Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taste of Home - Review

Back in November (November 3 to be exact), I ordered four books from the Taste of Home website.

Two weeks later, I received an empty box (with two leaves in it) with an USPS sticker on it that says "Received Unsealed".

I called their customer service as soon as I could (which was about 6pm).
I spoke with someone that didn't speak English very well.

So, she tells me that it's going to take 4-6 weeks to process, not to ship... but to process. wow. I asked for a confirmation number, she said that they do not do confirmation numbers. I asked what can I get to know that this is going to be processed. She responds, "this is all that you will get". REALLY?

At this point, I'm pretty much fed up with them. I went on Taste of Home's facebook page, and made a comment. I get a response fairly quickly... letting me know that I should e-mail them to get this figured out.
I e-mailed them on Dec. 8. ... it is currently Dec. 15. No response back.

Now, I really just want my money back. Why do I want to give them money if they can't take care of me?
I called the customer service, and AGAIN, someone who could not speak English. She called me "Mister Hall" the whole time. Really? REALLY?

This time, she gave me a confirmation number for the refund when I asked for it. Oh... I thought you guys don't do confirmation numbers? How funny.

She said it'll take 1 - 2 billing cycles to send me the refund - of course she doesn't know how long it'll take. Don't worry, I'm waiting for it.

I am not beginning to think that companies don't respond to unsatisfied customers through phone or e-mail anymore... they only respond when you post on their facebook page. Pretty pathetic.

I'm not upset about not getting the books, I'm mainly upset about the way they have handled this.

If you order through Taste of Homes... you are warned, if ANYTHING unfortunate happens to you, customer service doesn't make sure you are satisfied.

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