Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craft Lunch - hex nut bracelet

A co-worker of mine, Meghan, wanted to do some crafty stuff over lunch at work.
So, we came up with a craft and a day...

Today was it!

Meghan saw this bracelet (hex nut bracelet) - picture will take you to the tutorial from

So, here is us... attempting to make it. (sorry, I forgot my camera... so, this is all from my phone)

Meghan was the pro at this, she helped a couple of the girls. She's modeling her bracelet. :)

It's difficult to make, you have to get the hang of it. You have to hold the hex nut super tight, so you don't lose it's position. The black twine was skinnier and slippery, so, that took awhile. The beige twine was a bit coarser and thicker, so, that made it easier to make. 
It can be done by one person, but I think it was easier with two people. One to hold the hex nut and twine in place, and the other to thread the hex nut on the twine.

All in all, we were all happy with our bracelets :)

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