Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sewing Machine Maintenance

I'm quite embarrassed about this.
My sewing machine was bought in 1996, Brother XL3010. It's been with me for a very long time.
The machine has been getting louder as years ago by, and clunking a lot. S says he can hear it 2 floors down, even with the door closed! It's like a construction zone!
I was almost to the point of buying a new one! But! I decided that last night that I needed to opened it and cleaned it out. First cleaning! They didn't teach this to me in 8th grade sewing class! I had to clean the machine?!  In 8th grade, I did not know anything about maintenance for these things. I just sewed. I mean, that was the point of the machine right?

The top isn't too bad. Except there was thread in there at the gears... stuck in there...

This 16 year old bunny needed to go!!

It is cleaned out. Grabbed a q-tip, dipped it in oil (for sewing machines).

Arrows are where you should dab the oil at

Arrows are where you should dab the oil at

I also read that if you use it more than one hour a day, you should dab oil daily!
Make sure the machine is unplugged when you're cleaning. After dabbing the oil, let the machine run super fast for 45 seconds to a minute. to get the parts all greased up!

The machine now does not sound like a jack hammer, it sews much smoother... I'm so incredibly happy that I cleaned out the dust!!

If you are an avid sewer sew-person... I hope you do not have a 16 year old dust bunny hanging out with you.

p.s. do not ask me why I waited this long to clean it out. Desperation maybe?


edit: Here is a blog post from We All Sew about not using canned area

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