Monday, February 6, 2012

Foam Soap Recipe

pic via bottles and foamers

We use foam soap for our boys, it seems that it gets to all the little spots,... since they don't exactly rub their hands together very well when you ask them to wash their hands.  Do you remember how you used to have to sing a song when you wash their hands?  My boys aren't old enough to memorize songs, but they like to play in the water. So, maybe that helps wash away the germs? haha.
It also doesn't seem like many companies sell foam soap refills, and I just find it unnecessary to buy a brand new pump every time I need new soap!

So, here is the "recipe" I use for the refill foam soap!

1/4 cup of liquid hand soap (I use soft soap)
2/3 cup of warm water

Gently mix both together.  I know you're excited, but make sure you don't shake it or you'll make it all bubbly! It's not a bubble bath in a cup right now!

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