Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Mother Challenge - Day 6

Happy Mother Challenge - Day 6

I missed this one last week.

Carve out some time for yourself this week.  Put away your iPhone, turn off your computer and be with yourself and just listen.

Here are some ideas to inspire you. Feel free to list some of your own in the comments below!

Arrive early to work and before you jump out of your car to start the day, turn off the car and silence the radio. Just sit and be.
Shut your office door after lunch, turn off the computer, silence your phone and take a breather.
Go to your local library, find a comfortable chair and absorb the silence.
After your children are asleep in their beds, go to your favorite chair. Turn off the television and just spend a few minutes listening to the silence.
Your turn. Tell me how you will carve out a bit of solitude for yourself this week. Do it and come back and tell me how it felt.


I have a really hard time with this. My mind is super active, I can't sit still. I have a really hard time just "vegging". If I'm watching TV, I am either folding clothes, putting dishes away, I hardly ever just watch TV. I think the only time I really do watch TV is when one of the boys (mostly C, because he's the cuddler, D doesn't care to cuddle).
I keep myself busy so my mind doesn't wander... like S says, when I get a thought, which is a snowflake... and when I'm thinking about it, it turns into a giant snowball that just rolls down the hill and gets bigger and bigger.

So, I'm going to try my best to just sit and just be.

We'll see how it goes... ... I have a feeling I won't do this very well.

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