Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Friday

It's been a slow and yet fast week.

Five things that made me smile/happy this week:

1. We sent out our Christmas photo last week, while I put it together... it just really made me smile.
It was crazy! D didn't want to sit still, C wanted his binky... lol, but sure makes lots of fun pictures! I just love D's silliness.

2. Progress of the Craft Room / Office.

3. C is a Momma's boy. I'm ok with that! ;) Wednesday morning, S was dropping C off at his parents'. C sees me in the car seat, and fusses a lot. S tells C "You'll see Mommy later, but we're going to see Grandpa." .... [silence]. ... hey wait a minute, I thought he's a Momma's boy! Well, priorities Mommy. Grandpa wins. lol

4. I went to D's Holiday Party at his Daycare yesterday. They had various activities for all the kids to work on. I volunteered with D's group.

5. We had a Secret Santa lunch on Tuesday for our work. It was a lot of fun. I always enjoy getting together with my team :)
This is my favorite. Couple guys here play ping pong with another team downstairs. So, they call themselves the Moon Pie. This is what one of them got. I just laughed so hard. It was great.  He got a moon pie hat.

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