Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday

Happy things that happened this week.

1. Craft lunch at work

2. My sewing machine working much smoother. I still cannot stop talking about how awesome it is now! lol

3. Talking to Leslie.

4. Child #2. He is not talking. He's 18 months old, doesn't talk other than babbles. But he's so good with his body language. The boys get dessert (usually couple tablespoons of pudding) after dinner, and I'll hand C his little cup, he'll get whatever he can with his spoon. Then he'll fuss for me to come over to him. He hands me his spoon, then points to the inside of his cup. It cracks me up. Then I'll take the cup, and he'll start fussing a little bit... as if he's saying "Mom! Hurry!!!" Then he'll start giggling the moment he gets more pudding!

5. Child #1. He is so independent. We're working on potty training [still]. He's doing really well. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he'll be trained by end of February or sooner!!!!!

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